Spectacular Display Results with Top Quality Bedding Plants

High Quality Bedding Plants, Pot Plants, Ornamentals & Christmas Hyacinths with Bespoke Labelling & Fast Delivery


crosby'sBedding plants are the most popular form of plant around due to their versatility and ease of management. They can bring an inspirational splash of colour to any environment, even shaded areas, and good quality bedding plants are hardy and tolerate variations of temperature surprisingly well.

Places such as public gardens create spectacular displays using a variety of bedding plants in stunning colours and tones. The designs and plants will usually be changed throughout the year to maintain a fresh and stimulating appearance. Favourites for the warmer months include begonia, salvia, verbena, alyssum, and larger plants like canas and dahlias give late summer colour. Colder weather calls for plants such as bergenia, viola, hellebores and cyclamen, as these have attractive foliage, so they will still look nice even when blooms have finished.

Designing with flowers is an art in itself and requires pretty extensive skills, as the visual considerations need to be teamed with knowledge of plant growing patterns. Displays constructed from plants can be formal with blocks of colour, straight lines, symmetrical shapes and tight borders. A more informal and fun effect can be achieved by experimenting with colour and texture, allowing the imagination to run wild. Bedding plants are ideal for brightening up sections, or filling out areas of bare soil such as underneath rose bushes.

crosby's 2Exquisite and breathtaking results are possible when bedding plants are used as carpet bedding. These intensive designs consist of tightly compacted plants giving the impression of a carpet, which can be fashioned into fantastic and elaborate shapes. They are sometimes incredibly complex, and can depict scenes, emblems, coats of arms and even spell out words, all in stunning technicolour! Experts in the field [scuse the pun] will sketch out designs on paper before executing their creations with low growing plants.

Of course one of the most important aspects of a successful and eye catching display is the quality of the plants used. It is advisable to source plants from highly reputable bedding plant specialists such as Crosby’s Nurseries based in Timperley, Cheshire. As digital promotion partners of ours, Crosby’s are exceptionally reliable and skilled wholesale producers and suppliers of top quality bedding plants, pot plants, ornamentals and hanging baskets. They are a long established family business, using the latest technology to assure robust seed production, and also use seeds from the worlds top breeders. They are registered with the Horticultural Development Council [HDC] and are dedicated to providing customers with a first rate, flexible service.
Call Crosby’s on 0161 980 5195.

Wholesale Bedding Plants for Retailers, Garden Centres, Landscapers & Local Authority Parks & Gardens

Stylish, Well Designed and Functional Traditional Oak Constructions

Oak Cart Lodges, Garages, Car Barns, Stables, Workshops & Summerhouses in Essex, Bedfordshire, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire


woodJust about everything these days that we buy or use is mass produced, often in countries on the opposite side of the world. While mass production has its advantages like precision, convenience and lower cost, many complain about falling standards, lack of choice and reduced quality. People hark back to a time when everything used in daily life was designed and hand made by somebody who had developed their skill or craft over a number of years.

There are still of course tradesmen who have perfected their trade, and work together when constructing a property like builders, plumbers, plasterers, electricians and joiners. Most of these trades have now adopted a more automated approach in an attempt to ensure uniformity. However the skilled hand of the timber craftsman can still be found, and was sought in the 1990’s during the rebuilding of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre in London. The construction was an exercise in perseverance as well as expertise and there were many challenges, beginning with the fact that nobody knew what the original theatre, built in 1599, looked like! The little circular theatre was completed successfully using oak by talented craftsmen, and is loved by all.

Our digital promotion partners Traditional Oak Constructions Ltd, expertly blend bespoke elements from the past with dynamic modern themes and designs. Their traditional oak buildings include timber cart lodges, car barns, summerhouses, gazebos, workshops and stables, and are professionally built to the highest standards. Precisely designed and engineered, these beautiful and functional oak constructions are extremely robust and long lasting, and can incorporate lighting, heating and plumbing. Traditional rural charm is the phrase which comes to mind with these timber buildings, which are produced using locally reclaimed, or responsibly sourced materials.

Elegance teamed with enhanced security systems, and solid doors give these wood constructions a highly practical edge, and a range of stunning stains and colours are available for an exceptionally attractive finish. Based in Chelmsford, Traditional Oak Constructions Ltd, offer their contemporary oak framed buildings to customers throughout Essex, Suffolk, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Give them a call to discuss your project on 01376 388757

Concept to Completion Bespoke Service including Design, Project Management & Planning, Chelmsford

Professional, Caring and Flexible Removals Service

Professional & Caring Removals Service, Offering Advice and Support for Vulnerable or Nervous Movers.

When a move is on the cards, there is so much to think about what with change of address notifications, organising schools, redirecting mail, utilities, insurance etc. Then of course there is the question of choosing a reputable removals company to transport your valuable possessions to your new home. The last choice is one of the most important and can mean the difference between a positive moving experience and a stress filled nightmare. You might even consider completing the move yourself, but if you have a significant amount of belongings, or things which can be easily damaged you would be well advised to seek the expert services of a reliable removals company.

If you are looking for a removals company who offer a uniquely personal service dedicated to customer satisfaction, you wont do better than our web promotion partners Move It Men, based in Bolton Lancashire. Move It Men pride themselves on providing a removals service with a difference, and owner Kelli Walker ensures a fully rounded removals service for all, especially the more vulnerable.

A comprehensive and highly professional removals solution is assured from Move It Men, whatever the specific requirements of the customer. Their staff are chosen for their customer focus and caring nature as well as exceptional removals expertise They are uniformed, smart, courteous and completely CRB checked. Full training is also given to guarantee a smooth, reliable and efficient removal.

As a qualified special needs support worker with enhanced CRB check status, Kelli offers advice, reassurance and a chaperone service, where the need arises. Nervous or anxious customers can be sure of a supportive experience when they use Move It Men. Kelli’s approach has meant ongoing contracts for establishments like women’s refuge Safe Haven. On these occasions their unliveried van is used for peace of mind. Kelli can also liaise with local councils where required, and has many times assisted an elderly client in an effort to discover whether they can receive help with the cost of their move. As this is all offered free of cost customer feedback is extremely positive.

They are specialists in removals for home, office and commercial premises, provide a full inventory service, wrap and strap, and are also fully insured. Delivering their service at your convenience for a flexible outcome is what they are all about including out of hours, late nights or weekends.

Call Move It Men on 01204 362965 you wont be disappointed.

Domestic & Commercial Removals, Man & Van, Full Inventory, with Wrap & Strap Service, Bolton

The Power of the Flower

Wholesale Nursery, Bedding Plants, Pot Plants, Ornamentals for Garden Centres, Landscapers, Local Authorities & Retail Outlets


crThoughts of the garden and the outdoors inevitably conjure up pictures featuring splashes of vivid colour in the form of blooms. This is usually accompanied by the gentle buzz of bees and other nectar loving insects, all of which go towards easing the stresses of the day and lifting the mood. Bedding plants in particular are perfect for creating carpets of vibrant and stunning colours, and the quality and variety of flowers being grown these days has never been better.

Geranium, Hyacinth, Begonia, Petunia, Busy Lizzy, Fuchsia, Verbena Marigold and Dianthus are some of the most popular and beautiful bedding plants, often chosen for outdoor displays. Many bedding plants are created specially for use in large gardens or parks, giving a spectacular and precise uniform effect. Shapes, designs and even images may be produced with these fast growing blooms allowing an artistic slant to develop and imagination to kick in.

The Royal Horticultural Society’s ‘Britain in Bloom’ gives towns, cities, urban communities and villages a unique opportunity to demonstrate their skills and flair. The community gardening campaign has had a significant impact on many local environments throughout the UK. Beginning in 1964, this initiative has encouraged communities in 1,600 British locations to improve and transform their surroundings with the help of flowers and plants. There are many benefits involved including community participation, local environment enhancement and a sense of pride in the area. The advantages of this year round campaign are far reaching too with reports about cleaner, greener and safer places to live as a result. Localities become more appealing and are more likely to attract residents, businesses and visitors. Its amazing what a few flowers can do!

Our web promotion partners Crosby’s are specialists in the production of high quality wholesale bedding plants, pot plants and ornamentals, and have supplied gorgeous blooms for many award winning displays and projects. These include arrangements at Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Tatton Park, Manchester Airport and numerous themed displays for local councils. This family business started in 1948 and prides itself on outstanding customer service and exceptional levels of customer satisfaction.
Call Crosby’s for more information on 0161 980 5195

Expertly Cultivated Seeds & Plants for High Quality Displays & Projects, Personalised Colour Descriptive Labels

Garden Storage to Fulfill Every Need

Superior Quality UPVC, Metal & Timber, Low Maintenance Garden Storage Sheds at Competitive Prices


With around 30 successful years within the shed industry, SM Garden Sheds can claim to know a thing or two about customer satisfaction. They have also built up an enviable reputation for consistently offering excellent quality outdoor storage solutions. This strategy has ensured a customer base who know they are ‘in safe hands’ when it comes to purchasing garden sheds.

SM Garden Sheds, practice a system of thorough research and investigation when considering new additions to their range. This often includes visits to manufacturing facilities at home or abroad, in order to gather comprehensive knowledge about each product. This ensures that these structures come up to exacting standards, and also allows them to give a fully informed response to customer queries. The specialist team at SM Garden Sheds, believe that all of the plastic, metal or timber outdoor storage buildings they offer should receive the same amount of careful scrutiny. Obviously price is a major factor and SM Garden Sheds, work to keep prices pocket friendly without compromising on performance.

On the website you will find names such as Lifetime, Lotus, Biohort, Canberra and Asgard, all providing an exceptional amount of choice for every need. Each product is presented with full details about things like size, specification, special features, advantages and limitations. All too often, garden sheds are sold by large retailers like supermarkets, with glossy images yet scant information for customers. These suppliers will focus on extremely low price, usually at the expense of quality, meaning customers end up with a garden shed that has a disappointingly short life. Inferior materials and poor design can result in corrosion, damage or deterioration meaning more expense in the long run.

Garden storage buildings from SM Garden Sheds are expertly designed, long lasting, robust, and most are low maintenance and weather resistant. Call for more information or advice on 0845 601 6299

Heavy Duty Plastic Steel Reinforced Garden Storage Buildings, Light Clad Metal Sheds & Wooden Garden Sheds

De-Clutter your Space with Self Storage Solutions

Self Storage Units, Containers, Lockups, Workshops & Workspace Rental at Coastal Business Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne


nssIt is unbelievable how much ‘stuff’ we accumulate over the years, and how much of it we cannot bare to part with. If you were to stand in any given room in your home and look around you are likely to spot several items which can be described as clutter. We collect various things often purposefully, but sometimes unintentionally as the result of Christmas or birthday gifts. You may end up with two of something and decide to keep both the new version and the redundant one. Many of us stockpile possessions which we dont need, will never use and yet cant bring ourselves to throw. Perhaps these things have sentimental value, or we have heirlooms that we are intending to pass on to another member of the family eventually. People have exercise equipment, bicycles, furniture, machinery, electrical appliances, soft furnishings, rugs, DIY materials and any number of other unused bits and pieces with nowhere to put them.

This problem is not confined to the home, offices or business premises can suffer from the same issue. Studies show that lack of organisation and build up of non essentials in the work place can drastically affect efficiency and productivity. People are reluctant to throw away usable objects and may make the decision to sell them, but this can be a time consuming task and storage is a requirement while the process is completed.

If you are having a loft or garage conversion in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area, the space will have to be cleared before work can commence, and there could be difficulty finding somewhere to hold the contents. Its amazing how much can be hidden away in even the smallest room, and this fact becomes obvious once these effects are bagged up and looking for a temporary home!

The wise thing to do in most of the above situations is to rent a competitively priced self storage unit or container from our web promotion partners, JM Property Services. There are an impressive variety of sizes and specifications of containers, units and lock-ups to choose from at JM Property Services, who are based at locations in Killingworth, Blayden and now Coastal Business Park Newcastle. Dry, clean and secure storage is available to hire at very flexible terms at Coastal Business Park for customers in Forest Hall, Tynemouth, Benton, Wallsend, Whitley Bay and North Shields.

Call JM Property Services on 0191 406 6333

Secure Self Storage Containers for Domestic & Commercial in Forest Hall, Whitley Bay, Benton, Wallsend, Tynemouth and North Shields

High Quality Outdoor Storage Sheds & Units

SM Garden Sheds High Quality Outdoor Storage

Aside from undisputed value and quality, SM Garden Sheds pride themselves on variety of products which is evident by looking at the huge selection available from their online store.

SM Garden Sheds are dedicated to providing high quality outdoor storage options from every end of the scale, whether this be a simple yet secure outdoor storage box, to full scale plastic and metal garages units.

Quality Storage Options

Every product available from SM Garden Sheds has past regulations and in house quality tests before coming into the market and come with long lasting guarantees that project and confirm the quality of the products.

Meeting each customer’s individual requirements has always been on SM Gardens Sheds agenda and they have been able to do this by focusing their research and attention around three major product ranges. High quality metal, timber and plastic outdoor storage options.

Quality Tested

It is only through vast experience in these areas that they can combine the highest quality with the best value and provide the outstanding products that are available at SM Garden Sheds.

Metal Storage Sheds

For instance it is through this experience in the sector that they know the small changes that give the products they offer the advantage. For instance, through experience with metal buildings they know that metal sheds should only be manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel. This is now a mandatory element of SM Garden Sheds metal products, one advantage being less chance of condensation due to features like ventilated gables.

This quality and attention to detail runs straight through the company, top to bottom. From cushion boxes and outdoor storage units to high grade metal workshops and garages the quality is superb.

Huge Variety Of Sheds

All of this quality comes hand in hand with variety. The sheer number and scale of sizes available at SM Garden Sheds is impressive. Starting at 5’x3’ and stretching to 12’x38 keeping the customer and their needs in mind. When browsing through the SM Garden Sheds site you will notice that there are different price ranges available for every type of storage option and there’s also the ‘best sellers’ section on each of these to help you save time when navigating the online store.

High Quality Metal, Plastic and Wooden Storage Sheds and Units

High Quality, Maintenance Free Metal & Plastic Sheds

Metal & Plastic Sheds & Outdoor Garden Storage Buildings, High Tensile Steel, Low Maintenance Sheds



Once again in the UK, we have had what we can call ‘a summer’! Lots of warm sunshine has meant more time in the garden, either relaxing or pottering about. Gardening is one of the most cathartic activities there is, allowing us to de-stress and enjoy time at home. There are of course occasions when our garden itself can cause a small amount of stress, for instance when the roses are not blooming well, there are an abundance of garden pests or the lawnmower is on the blink. Another major cause of disappointment in the garden is when you notice an increasing amount of rot, rust or corrosion on your new shed.

Timber sheds in particular are subject to deterioration if not regularly maintained properly, and many people who favour their traditional reputation soon tire of the time and effort involved in their upkeep.

Metal and plastic sheds are extremely popular, and address most of the problems associated with timber sheds. Although it pays to ensure that you choose good quality, high performance products by renowned manufacturers. SM Garden Sheds, supply a comprehensive range of superior quality outdoor buildings in every specification you could possibly want. They are dedicated to staying aware of any changes or developments within the shed industry. Another priority is to constantly monitor their existing range, in order to make certain that standards remain high. SM Garden Sheds will settle for nothing less than robust, long lasting outdoor storage solutions such as Lifetime, Lotus, Canberra, Biohort, Easy Kit and Asgard for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Steel storage buildings are well known for presenting a more secure solution. Metal garden sheds and outdoor storage buildings from SM Garden Sheds are constructed from sturdy hot dipped galvanised steel, and feature toughened doors, ventilated gables, reinforced hinges, extension kits and superb locking systems. Both heavy duty plastic or metal sheds and light clad storage buildings are designed to deliver exceptional quality and advanced functionality.

Call SM Garden Sheds on 0845 601 6299.


High Performance Metal Sheds & Garden Storage Buildings, Ventilated Gables, Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Construction

Dust & Fume Extraction for Safe, Breathable Air in the Workplace


Specialists in Dust & Fume Extraction & Control Systems, Design, Manufacture, Installation & Servicing, Collection & Recirculation. Wide Range of Filters, Cartridges & Gauges



A high priority for any employer is to ensure the health and safety of their workforce, a fact which is particularly crucial where there may be contaminants, pollutants or allergens in the environment. The issue of indoor air quality [IAQ] needs to be actively addressed by implementing appropriate filter technology, not only because it is a legal requirement, but because poor air quality can affect the health, comfort and productivity within the workplace. If employees are breathing in possibly harmful dust or fumes regularly, they could experience a range of symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, sinus problems, dizziness and eye nose and throat irritation. Some people can develop dust allergies inducing sneezing, sore eyes, swelling of the airways and attacks similar to asthma. According to reports, colds and other communicable diseases are spread more swiftly where there is reduced air quality. All of these health issues could of course be due to other factors outside the workplace, but if these symptoms are noticed among over 10% of the building occupants, an investigation into air quality is recommended.

Our web promotion partners Newgate Air Systems, are experts in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of dust and fume extraction units. They have a world of experience with all aspects of air filtration and ventilation and are backed and supported by some of the most reputable names in filtration manufacturing. Filters are an essential aspect in the smooth running of any filtration system, and Newgate Air Systems are a one stop filtration shop. They provide COSHH LEV testing, and stock a comprehensive range of superior cartridges, filter bags, panel filters, cages, inserts, control panels and gauges. Customers report significant improvements once new, high quality filters are in place.

Newgate Air Systems, offer investigation by skilled consultants, and can provide a tailored fume and dust control and extraction solution specific to the needs of each client, and at very competitive prices. They bring their expertise to a variety of settings including industrial sites, laboratories, motor vehicle workshops, fabrication specialists, computer rooms and casting plants. You can book your FREE of charge site survey and once completed, they will prepare recommendations and a quote based on that survey.

Newgate Air Systems are proud to bring a range of air quality consultancy services to your business, including COSHH LEV testing. Call them on 0191 262 3015.


Filtration & Ventilation for Industrial Sites, Fabrication Specialists, Commercial Premises, Electronics & Computer Rooms, Laboratories, Casting Plants & Motor Vehicle Workshops


Condensation in Metal Sheds

Metal Garden Storage Sheds, Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel, Garden Buildings, Metal Garages, Metal Workshops


msol imageMetal Garden Sheds are an incredibly popular alternative to traditional timber sheds and outdoor buildings, they are more weather resistant, secure, fire retardant and virtually maintenance free. Although metal sheds suffer from very few of the labour intensive problems associated with other types of shed, they can sometimes be affected by the condition of their surroundings. In a word ‘condensation’! Reputable metal shed manufacturers have come up with a selection of designs which avoid the problem of condensation pretty effectively.

A high quality metal shed will incorporate design features like ventilation, which should avoid the issue of condensation, however occasionally dampness can be caused by external sources. If there is any moisture in the foundations, the warmer air inside the shed will rise and settle on the cold metal panels. The damp will then condense and drip down, creating a cycle, and once this process is established it is not terribly easy to halt, making prevention rather than cure, a better idea. If you have yet to create the foundation for your metal shed, there are few rules to ensure that condensation never raises its ugly head.

Make your base whether concrete or slab, a few inches larger than the base rail of the shed,


  • Place a damp-proof membrane into the foundations at least two inches higher than ground level.
  • Ensure that the newly laid foundations of your shed are allowed to cure for around 3-7 days, or longer if conditions are damp. This will avoid creating possible water related problems caused by insufficiently dried concrete.
  • When ready, bolt down your shed to the base and apply a silicone or mastic sealant to the inside shed base rails. By applying this to the inside you will facilitate trouble free drainage, while preventing water seepage into the shed.

msol imageIf you have already constructed your metal shed and base and are currently faced with the problem of condensation, there are still ways of tackling this.

  • Remove your shed from its base and place a timber floor which is a few inches larger than the shed base measurements on raised bearers.
  • Secure the shed to the wooden floor using wood screws, and mastic seal the inside base rails of the shed.
  • Ensure regularly that water cannot stop ventilation by collecting underneath the floor.


  • Wait for a nice warm day, and begin by wiping down the underside of the roof panels with methylated spirits.
  • When dry attach polystyrene tiles to the underside with spray glue which is designed to bond polystyrene to metal and is impervious to heat and cold.
  • This insulation cannot eradicate moisture within your shed, however condensation should no longer be an issue.

A quality metal shed from our web promotion partners Metal Sheds Online, will provide many years of performance for outdoor storage of lawn mowers, garden furniture, electric tools, DIY materials, bicycles and sports equipment. They can be contacted on 0845 601 6299

Bike Storage, Log Storage, Cushion Storage, Garden Storage Boxes, Compost Bins, Swing Seats, Garden Seats. Timber Arbours, Carports, Arches & Gazebos, Accessories

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