Dreaming of a New Garden?

Comprehensive Range of Metal, Plastic & Timber Garden Sheds, Huge Variety of Sizes & Specifications


Landscaping your garden can give a major boost to your home, and create an empty canvas for designing your layout next summer. Trees, bushes, shrubs and flowerbeds can all be planned now, as well as any other attractive features such as benches, steps, arbors etc for a perfect garden. Perhaps you want to add a water feature, or a strategically placed garden shed for an attractive and functional result. After you have finished the work, you can store your tools and other items in the new shed!

As for how to go about clearing your garden ready for your design project, you may consider hiring a mini digger, which will get the bulk of the work done in a flash. They usually come with a choice of attachments allowing swift completion when clearing areas, creating trenches, digging holes, demolishing old unwanted sheds, flattening uneven ground, removing tree stumps, digging ponds and ploughing snow. They are powerful yet compact, and can be transported easily from A to B, without the need for special permits. They offer a a high level of manoeuvrability, meaning you can perform a range of tasks with excellent precision even in tight spaces.

You can hire many other items of equipment or tools which are helpful and provide quicker outcomes such as dumpers, rollers, mowers, stump grinders, lawn aerators, turf cutters and lifters, not to mention cultivators, post hole borers, chippers, trimmers and shredders. In fact there is a machine you can hire for just about any outdoor job that will speed things up and take away most of the effort.

For preparing and laying your beautiful garden path, you can find a vast array of cutters and grinders for paving and stone slabs, or mechanical mixers and compactors for concrete. If you simply want to give your existing path a facelift, you could hire a power washer or even a jetwash bowser for amazing results. You will find all of these machines for hire at Rhino Plant Hire, catering to customers in all parts of Essex and London including Canvey Island

Using the right type of machinery or equipment, ensures that your garden landscaping job is a success with no unplanned damage to the surroundings. They are also designed to be pretty quiet so no angry neighbours!


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