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purple signed 2Can you imagine anything nicer than spending time in the peace and quiet of the garden shed listening to the lazy sounds of insects buzzing and birds singing. Many people love their garden shed and the amount of uses seem to be endless. They are used as storage [of course] workshops and diy havens, a place to enjoy a hobby or pastime, somewhere to sit and relax or shelter if it starts to rain or even as a work space. Competitions such as ‘shed of the year’ have brought all kinds of weird ideas out of the woodwork [excuse the pun].

Sheds come in a range of sizes and specifications, and in a variety of materials like metal for robust security, plastic for functional versatility and good old timber for a traditional feel. High quality timber outdoor buildings are pretty resistant to weather and damage once treated and fitted with superior locks. They are a little more customisable too giving a wide selection of design and colour options. There are some extremely fun and wacky themes out there where sheds are involved from cutesy cottage to space ship lookalikes. It is the one part of the home that you can really push the boat out and let your imagination run riot.

There is so much choice in the world of sheds, with reliable metal sheds like Takubo, Lotus, Canberra, Duramax, Asgard and Biohort. Plastic buildings such as Lifetime and the Duramax UPVC range. Excellent timber sheds and storage come from Tiger and Shire in beautiful designs. These wooden buildings are available as potting or storage sheds, garages, bike stores, workshops, playhouses, gazebos, summerhouses and log cabins.

Lots of shed owners are just happy and contented to spend time in their garden areas at any time of the day or night, in fact some even sleep overnight in their garden shed. Fresh air and the smell of flowers to lull you to sleep wrapped up in your gorgeous Kylie Minogue bedding. Like camping but with more comfort and luxury….or is that taking it too far?

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