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nssIt is unbelievable how much ‘stuff’ we accumulate over the years, and how much of it we cannot bare to part with. If you were to stand in any given room in your home and look around you are likely to spot several items which can be described as clutter. We collect various things often purposefully, but sometimes unintentionally as the result of Christmas or birthday gifts. You may end up with two of something and decide to keep both the new version and the redundant one. Many of us stockpile possessions which we dont need, will never use and yet cant bring ourselves to throw. Perhaps these things have sentimental value, or we have heirlooms that we are intending to pass on to another member of the family eventually. People have exercise equipment, bicycles, furniture, machinery, electrical appliances, soft furnishings, rugs, DIY materials and any number of other unused bits and pieces with nowhere to put them.

This problem is not confined to the home, offices or business premises can suffer from the same issue. Studies show that lack of organisation and build up of non essentials in the work place can drastically affect efficiency and productivity. People are reluctant to throw away usable objects and may make the decision to sell them, but this can be a time consuming task and storage is a requirement while the process is completed.

If you are having a loft or garage conversion in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area, the space will have to be cleared before work can commence, and there could be difficulty finding somewhere to hold the contents. Its amazing how much can be hidden away in even the smallest room, and this fact becomes obvious once these effects are bagged up and looking for a temporary home!

The wise thing to do in most of the above situations is to rent a competitively priced self storage unit or container from our web promotion partners, JM Property Services. There are an impressive variety of sizes and specifications of containers, units and lock-ups to choose from at JM Property Services, who are based at locations in Killingworth, Blayden and now Coastal Business Park Newcastle. Dry, clean and secure storage is available to hire at very flexible terms at Coastal Business Park for customers in Forest Hall, Tynemouth, Benton, Wallsend, Whitley Bay and North Shields.

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