High Quality Outdoor Storage Sheds & Units

SM Garden Sheds High Quality Outdoor Storage

Aside from undisputed value and quality, SM Garden Sheds pride themselves on variety of products which is evident by looking at the huge selection available from their online store.

SM Garden Sheds are dedicated to providing high quality outdoor storage options from every end of the scale, whether this be a simple yet secure outdoor storage box, to full scale plastic and metal garages units.

Quality Storage Options

Every product available from SM Garden Sheds has past regulations and in house quality tests before coming into the market and come with long lasting guarantees that project and confirm the quality of the products.

Meeting each customer’s individual requirements has always been on SM Gardens Sheds agenda and they have been able to do this by focusing their research and attention around three major product ranges. High quality metal, timber and plastic outdoor storage options.

Quality Tested

It is only through vast experience in these areas that they can combine the highest quality with the best value and provide the outstanding products that are available at SM Garden Sheds.

Metal Storage Sheds

For instance it is through this experience in the sector that they know the small changes that give the products they offer the advantage. For instance, through experience with metal buildings they know that metal sheds should only be manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel. This is now a mandatory element of SM Garden Sheds metal products, one advantage being less chance of condensation due to features like ventilated gables.

This quality and attention to detail runs straight through the company, top to bottom. From cushion boxes and outdoor storage units to high grade metal workshops and garages the quality is superb.

Huge Variety Of Sheds

All of this quality comes hand in hand with variety. The sheer number and scale of sizes available at SM Garden Sheds is impressive. Starting at 5’x3’ and stretching to 12’x38 keeping the customer and their needs in mind. When browsing through the SM Garden Sheds site you will notice that there are different price ranges available for every type of storage option and there’s also the ‘best sellers’ section on each of these to help you save time when navigating the online store.

High Quality Metal, Plastic and Wooden Storage Sheds and Units