The Power of the Flower

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crThoughts of the garden and the outdoors inevitably conjure up pictures featuring splashes of vivid colour in the form of blooms. This is usually accompanied by the gentle buzz of bees and other nectar loving insects, all of which go towards easing the stresses of the day and lifting the mood. Bedding plants in particular are perfect for creating carpets of vibrant and stunning colours, and the quality and variety of flowers being grown these days has never been better.

Geranium, Hyacinth, Begonia, Petunia, Busy Lizzy, Fuchsia, Verbena Marigold and Dianthus are some of the most popular and beautiful bedding plants, often chosen for outdoor displays. Many bedding plants are created specially for use in large gardens or parks, giving a spectacular and precise uniform effect. Shapes, designs and even images may be produced with these fast growing blooms allowing an artistic slant to develop and imagination to kick in.

The Royal Horticultural Society’s ‘Britain in Bloom’ gives towns, cities, urban communities and villages a unique opportunity to demonstrate their skills and flair. The community gardening campaign has had a significant impact on many local environments throughout the UK. Beginning in 1964, this initiative has encouraged communities in 1,600 British locations to improve and transform their surroundings with the help of flowers and plants. There are many benefits involved including community participation, local environment enhancement and a sense of pride in the area. The advantages of this year round campaign are far reaching too with reports about cleaner, greener and safer places to live as a result. Localities become more appealing and are more likely to attract residents, businesses and visitors. Its amazing what a few flowers can do!

Our web promotion partners Crosby’s are specialists in the production of high quality wholesale bedding plants, pot plants and ornamentals, and have supplied gorgeous blooms for many award winning displays and projects. These include arrangements at Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Tatton Park, Manchester Airport and numerous themed displays for local councils. This family business started in 1948 and prides itself on outstanding customer service and exceptional levels of customer satisfaction.
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