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crosby'sBedding plants are the most popular form of plant around due to their versatility and ease of management. They can bring an inspirational splash of colour to any environment, even shaded areas, and good quality bedding plants are hardy and tolerate variations of temperature surprisingly well.

Places such as public gardens create spectacular displays using a variety of bedding plants in stunning colours and tones. The designs and plants will usually be changed throughout the year to maintain a fresh and stimulating appearance. Favourites for the warmer months include begonia, salvia, verbena, alyssum, and larger plants like canas and dahlias give late summer colour. Colder weather calls for plants such as bergenia, viola, hellebores and cyclamen, as these have attractive foliage, so they will still look nice even when blooms have finished.

Designing with flowers is an art in itself and requires pretty extensive skills, as the visual considerations need to be teamed with knowledge of plant growing patterns. Displays constructed from plants can be formal with blocks of colour, straight lines, symmetrical shapes and tight borders. A more informal and fun effect can be achieved by experimenting with colour and texture, allowing the imagination to run wild. Bedding plants are ideal for brightening up sections, or filling out areas of bare soil such as underneath rose bushes.

crosby's 2Exquisite and breathtaking results are possible when bedding plants are used as carpet bedding. These intensive designs consist of tightly compacted plants giving the impression of a carpet, which can be fashioned into fantastic and elaborate shapes. They are sometimes incredibly complex, and can depict scenes, emblems, coats of arms and even spell out words, all in stunning technicolour! Experts in the field [scuse the pun] will sketch out designs on paper before executing their creations with low growing plants.

Of course one of the most important aspects of a successful and eye catching display is the quality of the plants used. It is advisable to source plants from highly reputable bedding plant specialists such as Crosby’s Nurseries based in Timperley, Cheshire. As digital promotion partners of ours, Crosby’s are exceptionally reliable and skilled wholesale producers and suppliers of top quality bedding plants, pot plants, ornamentals and hanging baskets. They are a long established family business, using the latest technology to assure robust seed production, and also use seeds from the worlds top breeders. They are registered with the Horticultural Development Council [HDC] and are dedicated to providing customers with a first rate, flexible service.
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