Lotus Metal Sheds – Revolutionary Design at a Low, Low Cost

The brand new range of Lotus metal garden sheds represents a great step forward in the design and manufacture of light clad metal garden sheds.

Lotus sheds were two years in development with the brief to create a light clad metal shed, made from fewer components, that was easy to assemble and yet as sturdy as any other shed available on the market. Metal sheds have been increasingly in popularity over the years as people realise their many advantages.

With wall and roof panels manufactured from 0.3mm rolled steel, heavy duty steel base and frame rails, and a completely new sliding door mechanism, the Lotus range lives up to every expectation. All steel components have been hot-dip galvanised for a rust-proof finish and Lotus metal sheds come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

The new range of sheds was inspired by online retailers SM Garden Sheds and wholesale specialist Shed Baron. The Lotus range fulfils the need for low cost metal sheds that are sturdy, versatile, easy to construct and will stand the test of time.

Lotus sheds are currently available in three standard sizes – 6 x 5, 8 x 6, 10 x 8 – with more designs expected soon.

As well as using far few components than other metal sheds, a lot of work has gone into the assembly instructions for Lotus sheds. Easy to follow pictorial guides with clear instructions are supported by an accompanying video that is available on request.

Lotus metal sheds represent another new line in the  extensive Shed Baron catalogue of metal sheds, timber sheds and low maintenance plastic sheds.

Lotus Metal Sheds – Revolutionary Design at a Low, Low Cost

Versatile Range of Quality Outdoor Storage Buildings

Metal & Plastic Larger Garden Storage Sheds, Low Maintenance Garages & Workshops

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A sunny day is a bit of a cure all for many in the UK, leading people to worry less about daily issues and stresses, and this relaxed frame of mind encourages thoughts of being outside in the pleasant weather. The UK has one of the most developed and sophisticated retail markets in the world, and the British public are generally a discerning lot! In the area of garden storage buildings for instance, people seem to be pretty good at defining acceptable value to price ratios. They realise that there are varying quality levels and that prices reflect this, especially with maintenance free metal or plastic sheds.

Metal or plastic garden storage sheds which are very inexpensive, are more often than not manufactured from inferior materials with inadequate specifications and minimal guarantees. They will usually be less robust than more superior outdoor storage, and need to be replaced much sooner. It is the job of a reputable outdoor storage supplier to provide a comfortable balance between solely low price based sheds and high calibre but outrageously expensive ones.

Our associate Company SM Garden Sheds, are specialists in the retail side of garden storage, and have an enviable reputation for sourcing quality garden storage solutions at extremely competitive prices. According to customers of SM Garden Sheds, they tick all the boxes in the supply of outdoor buildings, including bringing an uncompromising variety of styles, and specifications. It has been noted that larger garden buildings in metal and plastic have risen dramatically in popularity as they provide a multifunctional, attractive and maintenance free dynamic.We have seen excellent new names emerging onto the shed market which are as high performing as they are attractive, such as the Takubo Prestige range of steel sheds.

Top of the range PVC products from LIFETIME include an 11 foot fronted building, with a steel reinforced framework. The strong, double skinned construction means a product that will go the distance. Excellent quality large storage sheds are also available from manufacturers such as Duramax, Canberra and Biohort. Some can even be extended further with one or more extension kits.

SM garden Sheds are always delighted to give customers the benefit of their extensive knowledge about outdoor garden storage. Give them a call on 0845 601 6299.

Steel Reinforced PVC Garden Sheds, Robust Long Lasting Quality Outdoor Buildings with Manufacturers Guarantee

50 Shades of Rust – How to choose the best metal garden shed

A new article on the SM Garden Shed website offers useful advice to anyone who is considering buying a metal garden shed.

lotHigh quality metal garden sheds have many advantages over traditional wooden garden sheds. They are secure storage products and offer integrated security  features including drill resistant locks and multi-point locking systems. They are commonly used by schools, colleges and sports clubs for safely storing expensive equipment and metal storage units are often specified for use on holiday parks due to fire and safety considerations.

But not all metal garden sheds are made the same way – and not all metal sheds will stand up to the damp British climate.

Part of the problem is the quality of metal used in their manufacture. Cheaper brands will use metal so thin it can be cut with a knife. Another problem lies with the galvanisation process. Galvanisation protects metal from rust but for sheds, some methods work better than others.

The two most common forms of rustproofing are through hot dipped galvanisation and by electroplating. Hot dipped galvanisation involves dipping metal components in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 460C. It gives a thick, durable coat with a matt finish. Electroplating is the immersion of a metal component into an electrolyte solution containing metal salts and applying an electric current to build a thin layer of the protective zinc coating. Electroplated coatings tend to be brightly reflective.

The real difference, however, is in how the two methods cope with protecting the steel underneath. Hot-dipped galvanised steel will withstand the worst of the British weather for years and years. By contrast, the electroplated coat will soon erode, leading to the inevitable corrosion of the steel underneath.

SM Garden Sheds only sell metal garden sheds that are manufactured from high quality steel that has been hot dip galvanised for a guaranteed rust proof finish. All of the products available at SM Garden Sheds represent great value for money and excellent quality whether plastic, metal or timber.

For more information, see the article – 50 Shades of Rust – on the Product Focus pages of www.smgardensheds.com.

50 Shades of Rust – How to choose the best metal garden shed

Larger Garden Sheds, Garages & Workshops for Maximum Storage

Larger Plastic Outdoor Storage Buildings, Steel Framed UPVC Garden Sheds, Garages & Workshops

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The popularity of UPVC sheds is accelerating steadily and plastic garden storage is replacing its timber equivalent. This is due to a number of factors including the versatility of plastic sheds, which are virtually maintenance free, and are ideal in holiday locations like caravan sites and other leisure applications. These reinforced UPVC buildings are impervious to salt sea air, making them perfect for use around the coast.


The successful launch of the LIFETIME range of plastic sheds by SM Garden Sheds, has excited customer interest in this highly functional material. Increased demand for more variety within plastic outdoor storage has prompted the release of four new models in the DURAMAX Woodside range, and KETER vinyl sheds are being continually upgraded and modified, providing a good intermediate quality solution.


Frequent customer requests for larger plastic garden storage have encouraged research and development into strength, stability, durability and rigidity. LIFETIME have recently introduced an 11 FEET FRONTED BUILDING, capable of substantial storage, which will soon be followed by a folding garage door. These top performance buildings incorporate multi-shelf accessories, windows, skylights, tool holders and specially designed non-slip floors. This double skinned model has many attractive features including utilisation of the apex roof space for an additional storage space. Precise attention to detail makes this building extremely practical from its damp proof vents to top and bottom hung doors, with spring loaded closing device for a sleek and accurate look.


The DURAMAX steel framed Vinyl garage has moulded UPVC cladding and a 2.40 metre wide door aperture for ease of use as a garage. A foundation kit allows the building when fully erected, to be secured to the ground using either a timber floor covering or a concrete filling. With a minimum size of 10 x 16 and up to 10 x 23, the storage building is available in a number of different configurations and can be extended. Options like windows and courtesy doors are a matter of customer preference and choice.


SM Garden Sheds are committed to sourcing high quality products at competitive prices, and they apply the same philosophy to all of their products whether it’s plastic, metal or wooden sheds. This dedication is shown by fact finding trips to factories abroad and points of manufacture. Only by observing the manufacturing process is an insight into the properties of each product gained. This helps when recommending outdoor storage to customers and explaining any unique features.

For an affordable, attractive and functional outdoor storage solution, with FREE delivery to most of mainland UK, browse the SM garden Sheds website, or call them on 0845 601 6299.

Extra Garden Storage Space from LIFETIME, DURAMAX & KETER, Steel reinforced UPVC Garden Sheds, garages & Workshops

For Luxury with a Celebrity Feel choose Kylie Minogue Bedding from Angelina’s Curtains & Bedding

Kylie Minogue Bedding, Exquisite Bedding & Home Couture from Kylie Minogue in Velvet, Satin, Ruffles & Pleats with Pearls & Diamante


Award winning pop princess Kylie Minogue has dipped her petite toe into many pools, and has found success as an actress, singer/songwriter, author, dancer, fashion designer, perfume producer and designer of soft furnishings. She has delighted fans as the sweet girl next door, fun showgirl and sultry seductress, reflecting her chameleon like nature.

She recently added to her list of achievements when she joined the panel of judges on TV singing competition The Voice, leaving show producers ecstatic about a 2 million increase in viewers. This means the show has rivalled X-Factor viewing figures. Fans will be excited further when her latest single ‘Into The Blue’ comes out this month, this will be followed later this month by her new album ‘Kiss Me Once’. Kylie’s upcoming world tour beginning in May will demonstrate yet another of her talents, that of creative director.

You can reproduce Kylie’s magic with a range of breathtaking bedding and home accessories at Angelina’s Curtains and Bedding, one of the leading stockists of Kylie Minogue bedding. This popular collection of sumptuous luxury includes the Leopard Silver and Leopard Ivory bedding sets. Sparkling animal print on beautiful kitten grey or delicate gold satin describes this bed linen, which is complimented by glamorous runners and a dazzling array of cushions. The Theon selection brings a richly dark extravagance, with abstract animal print in black flock on soft grey, draped in the tactile Zorina faux fur throw. Allow your wild side to develop further with the superb Sika collection of animal print bedding Chocolate and caramel tones will provide a beautiful boudoir, along with faux fur throws and cushions embellished with diamante, pearls and sequins.

Sophistication and elegance are brought by the Kylie Minogue Stella bedding range, as devore panels of paisley pattern lie on shimmering truffle satin or the dreamy Ribble bedding collection with its graceful pleats in amethyst satin. New enticing designs are continually being added to this rang, and recent arrivals include fabulous collections like the Adira, Karissa, Isla, Lucette Oyster and Lucette Praline.

To enquire about all that Angelina’s Curtains and Bedding have to offer call 01485 571147


Kylie Minogue Bedding, New Lines in Quality Bed Linen from Kylie Minogue, Adira, Karissa, Isla, Lucette Oyster and Lucette Praline.


Wholesale Sheds, Garages and Garden Storage Products

Shed Baron is one of the UK’s leading wholesale supplier of garden sheds and garden storage products. A member of the Store More Garden Buildings Ltd group, Shed Baron offers a huge range of top quality garden sheds and timber products at incredibly competitive prices.

Store More Garden Buildings have been trading for over thirty years. During this time we have developed a network of global suppliers including all the biggest names in the industry. Long standing relationships with manufacturers and high volume orders give us great discounts – discounts we are then able to pass on to garden centres, garden storage retailers and on-line stores.

Shed Baron is a wholesale supplier to TRADE CUSTOMERS ONLY.

On our new website at www.shedbaron.co.uk you will find a great choice of sheds, garages, workshops, storage boxes, arbours, arches, gazebos  and garden furniture. We have timber sheds, metal sheds and heavy duty plastic sheds – all at wholesale prices. Shed Baron sell small garden sheds, classic sheds and sheds of every size and style. we have apex roofed sheds, pent roof sheds and lean to sheds. We have garden sheds from Biohort, Canberra, Emerald, Duramax and Lifetime. Our metal sheds are constructed from hot-dipped galvanised steel and come with a 20 year non-perforation warranty. All of our metal sheds and outdoor storage buildings are extremely carefully chosen to ensure quality and value for money.

Shed Baron customer service is second to none. We operate our own dedicated delivery fleet, delivering sheds, garages and garden storage direct to the customer. Delivery is free to most mainland areas of the UK. Fast delivery and on-line tracking ensure your orders arrive safe and on time.

Our complete range of sheds, garages and garden structures are delivered flat packed, with simple to follow instructions for assembly. Technical assistance is always on hand to help you support your own customers.

For more information visit us at www.shedbaron.co.uk or give us a call on 0161 430 3347

Wholesale Sheds, Garages and Garden Storage Products

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