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Larger Plastic Outdoor Storage Buildings, Steel Framed UPVC Garden Sheds, Garages & Workshops

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The popularity of UPVC sheds is accelerating steadily and plastic garden storage is replacing its timber equivalent. This is due to a number of factors including the versatility of plastic sheds, which are virtually maintenance free, and are ideal in holiday locations like caravan sites and other leisure applications. These reinforced UPVC buildings are impervious to salt sea air, making them perfect for use around the coast.


The successful launch of the LIFETIME range of plastic sheds by SM Garden Sheds, has excited customer interest in this highly functional material. Increased demand for more variety within plastic outdoor storage has prompted the release of four new models in the DURAMAX Woodside range, and KETER vinyl sheds are being continually upgraded and modified, providing a good intermediate quality solution.


Frequent customer requests for larger plastic garden storage have encouraged research and development into strength, stability, durability and rigidity. LIFETIME have recently introduced an 11 FEET FRONTED BUILDING, capable of substantial storage, which will soon be followed by a folding garage door. These top performance buildings incorporate multi-shelf accessories, windows, skylights, tool holders and specially designed non-slip floors. This double skinned model has many attractive features including utilisation of the apex roof space for an additional storage space. Precise attention to detail makes this building extremely practical from its damp proof vents to top and bottom hung doors, with spring loaded closing device for a sleek and accurate look.


The DURAMAX steel framed Vinyl garage has moulded UPVC cladding and a 2.40 metre wide door aperture for ease of use as a garage. A foundation kit allows the building when fully erected, to be secured to the ground using either a timber floor covering or a concrete filling. With a minimum size of 10 x 16 and up to 10 x 23, the storage building is available in a number of different configurations and can be extended. Options like windows and courtesy doors are a matter of customer preference and choice.


SM Garden Sheds are committed to sourcing high quality products at competitive prices, and they apply the same philosophy to all of their products whether it’s plastic, metal or wooden sheds. This dedication is shown by fact finding trips to factories abroad and points of manufacture. Only by observing the manufacturing process is an insight into the properties of each product gained. This helps when recommending outdoor storage to customers and explaining any unique features.

For an affordable, attractive and functional outdoor storage solution, with FREE delivery to most of mainland UK, browse the SM garden Sheds website, or call them on 0845 601 6299.

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