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Attractive & Functional Sheds

Metal & Plastic Sheds, Practical & Attractive Garden Storage Buildings, Timber Products, Garages

A garden shed is an extremely big help when it comes to keeping your garden and outdoor area neat and tidy. Many of your garden contents and features can be safely stored away here over the winter months, protecting them from damage by the elements. Garden furniture looks amazing when new, but after a few months in harsher weather will look jaded, old and may even deteriorate and become unusable.

Cycles, motorbikes, electrical tools and equipment like mowers and hedge trimmers should definitely not be exposed to wet or damp weather, and even children’s outdoor plastic toys will benefit from the protection of a shed. Builder’s materials like plaster, cement, tools and metal ladders, also need a dry space if they are to last, making garden sheds a must for everybody.

Apart from the functional aspects of a garden shed, the look is also important, and most successful manufacturers take this into consideration at the design stage. Modern metal, plastic and timber sheds will bring luxury, elegance, and even a chic quality to your garden with attractive design touches and coordinating shades.

To get the best out of your shed it is a good idea to keep it organised if possible and ready for the arrival of summer, with shelving, hanging boards and baskets. If you use your shed for gardening pursuits, sort out pots, trays etc, and get rid of any cracked or damaged ones. Clean and polish tool blades and handles with beeswax, and hang these along inside shed walls. Shelves are the key to a tidy storage shed, and many models come with shelving as standard these days.

Of course the area surrounding the shed needs to be smart and well maintained in order to complete the overall look. You can hire electrical tools, equipment and even plant machinery at reasonable rates, for your own quick and efficient garden landscaping projects in Cheshunt, from Rhino Plant Hire.

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Dreaming of a New Garden?

Comprehensive Range of Metal, Plastic & Timber Garden Sheds, Huge Variety of Sizes & Specifications


Landscaping your garden can give a major boost to your home, and create an empty canvas for designing your layout next summer. Trees, bushes, shrubs and flowerbeds can all be planned now, as well as any other attractive features such as benches, steps, arbors etc for a perfect garden. Perhaps you want to add a water feature, or a strategically placed garden shed for an attractive and functional result. After you have finished the work, you can store your tools and other items in the new shed!

As for how to go about clearing your garden ready for your design project, you may consider hiring a mini digger, which will get the bulk of the work done in a flash. They usually come with a choice of attachments allowing swift completion when clearing areas, creating trenches, digging holes, demolishing old unwanted sheds, flattening uneven ground, removing tree stumps, digging ponds and ploughing snow. They are powerful yet compact, and can be transported easily from A to B, without the need for special permits. They offer a a high level of manoeuvrability, meaning you can perform a range of tasks with excellent precision even in tight spaces.

You can hire many other items of equipment or tools which are helpful and provide quicker outcomes such as dumpers, rollers, mowers, stump grinders, lawn aerators, turf cutters and lifters, not to mention cultivators, post hole borers, chippers, trimmers and shredders. In fact there is a machine you can hire for just about any outdoor job that will speed things up and take away most of the effort.

For preparing and laying your beautiful garden path, you can find a vast array of cutters and grinders for paving and stone slabs, or mechanical mixers and compactors for concrete. If you simply want to give your existing path a facelift, you could hire a power washer or even a jetwash bowser for amazing results. You will find all of these machines for hire at Rhino Plant Hire, catering to customers in all parts of Essex and London including Canvey Island

Using the right type of machinery or equipment, ensures that your garden landscaping job is a success with no unplanned damage to the surroundings. They are also designed to be pretty quiet so no angry neighbours!


Reinforced Steel Outdoor Buildings, UPVC Garden Storage Sheds, garages, Workshops, Low Maintenance Sheds


Out With The Old, In With The New!

High Quality Robust range of Metal Sheds, Garages, Workshops & Outdoor Buildings


As we look out at the grey skies, wet ground and leafless trees, many of us will be longing for the arrival of spring. Although the garden does not look like it will in the summer, there are still tasks that need doing outdoors in the fresh air if you’re feeling inspired. These include trimming away dead growth, cleaning tubs and pots, clearing out beds, and of course planning which new plants and designs you would like.

It’s a good idea to check any mechanical gardening equipment you own for functioning fails, including things like lawnmowers, rotavators, hedge trimmers, edgers and strimmers. If items need repairing or sharpening take them to a qualified professional. Cementing and painting should perhaps be avoided at this time, but other preparation projects may be started. You can carry out jobs such as putting up a fence, creating a terrace or laying decking or gravel paths. You could begin the first stages of building a rock garden while plants are still dormant. You might decide to invest in a new garden shed, and this is the perfect time of year to get rid of the old one. Your garden shed is important if you want somewhere clean, dry and safe to store tools, garden furniture, electrical equipment and other items.

The team at SM Garden Sheds never let the grass grow [unless it’s in the garden that is], and have announced some exciting changes to their outdoor building range. Their new range of Lifetime Special Edition Sheds offer the same exceptional quality plastic buildings, but now with additional features. The 8ft x 15ft, 8ft x 12.5ft and the 8ft x 10ft heavy duty sheds have full length impact skylight, 2 screened vents, internal floor, 90” back wall shelf and new trimmed edge look. The smaller 8ft x 7.5ft model has 1 x 90” shelf, 2 x 30” shelves, 2 x corner shelves, 2 x peg strips, 3 x skylights and 2 x vents. Additional options within their selection include more colour choices with the Biohort Metal Leisure Time Storage Box 100, which will now be available in Metallic Bronze and Metallic Quartz Grey. Great additions to any garden!

Heavy Duty Steel Garden Storage Sheds, Waterproof, Rot & Rodent free, Non Combustible Buildings

3 Main Benefits of Outdoor Play

Children’s Outdoor Play Equipment, Playhouses & Climbing Frames for Domestic or Commercial Use


It’s a fact that children love to play outdoors all year round. Not only that, it’s a great way to ensure that they get all of the health benefits associated with fresh air and exercise, of which there are a lot, a small example being…..

1. Exercise

Exercise is incredibly important for everyone, but especially children, as their bodies have not yet fully developed. Running, riding bikes, having snowball fights and climbing are all activities that will provide so much more than just playing on video games will. They allow proper growth and development of bones, muscles, coordination, imagination, problem solving and social skills.

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is provided by the sun and is essential for promoting elevated moods, energy levels, memory and overall health. Even 10 to 15 minutes worth of time spent outdoors, whatever the weather is enough to deliver the daily requirement of vitamin D.

3. Boosted Immune System

It is well known that immune systems are boosted when they come into contact with everyday muck, bacteria, pests etc on a regular basis in the open air. This means fit, young bodies, that can deal with the normal things thrown at them like allergies.

If you have trouble enticing your little ones into playing outdoors take a look at SM Garden Sheds Children’s Play Equipment range. They have a high quality, robust selection of themed playhouses, climbing frames, swings, slides and see-saws for the gardens of homes or businesses. Most have solid roofs meaning tons of fun whatever the weather, in fact good luck getting the kids back in! Browse their extensive collection on the website or call SM Garden Sheds on 0845 601 6299 or 0161 494 1371

British Made, Weatherproof Children’s Climbing Equipment, Playhouses & Climbing Frames

7 Reasons you need Garden Shed Racking

Heavy Duty Racking Units in a Range of Sizes & Specifications, Garden Shed Storage


smgs-rackingYou would be surprised how many people have a garden storage shed, yet keep most of their tools, paint cans and plant food boxes lying around on the floor! This not only looks untidy, and limits space, but presents a tripping and fire hazard or allows things to get damaged. Smaller objects probably also have to share the space with lawn mowers, bicycles and other things Maybe the original intention was to fit shelves, but as with a lot of good intentions, there just hasn’t been time [or motivation]. If you recognise this situation, SM Garden Sheds can help, with a fast and practical solution.

There are many advantages to using racking systems, such as :-

  1. Optimised garden shed storage meaning more space to move around, and perform tasks like repair and maintenance using a work bench.
  2. Get rid of floor mess.
  3. Less chance of items being trodden on and damaged or broken.
  4. The contents of your metal, plastic or timber shed are to hand immediately rather than having to search through endless bags when needed for an emergency DIY job.
  5. Clever use of space means more available storage.
  6. Smart storage means you can easily categorise your items.
  7. Save time and money.

SM Garden Sheds have a variety of racking options for every need, in a choice of sizes, such as their popular and versatile Globel Heavy Duty Half Cupboard Storage Unit. A durable, modern design is teamed with powder coated galvanised steel and ease of assembly for the perfect shed storage solution. This 5 tier racking system has a load capacity of 200kg per shelf. The steel cabinet may be positioned at the top or bottom and has a master key lock. The Heavy Duty Globel Industrial Racking Unit also has a load capacity of 200kg per shelf or 1000kg total, and this 4 tier, boltless shelving is corrosion resistant and simple to assemble using a key locking action.

These racking systems mean that your beloved shed will transform into a smart and organised storage building rather than a dumping space.

Shelving Systems, Garden Shed Storage, Powder Coated Steel Frames, Ease of Assembly

A Shed for Every Need

Metal, Plastic & Timber Sheds, Garages, Bike Stores, Workshops, Outdoor Storage Boxes


purple signed 2Can you imagine anything nicer than spending time in the peace and quiet of the garden shed listening to the lazy sounds of insects buzzing and birds singing. Many people love their garden shed and the amount of uses seem to be endless. They are used as storage [of course] workshops and diy havens, a place to enjoy a hobby or pastime, somewhere to sit and relax or shelter if it starts to rain or even as a work space. Competitions such as ‘shed of the year’ have brought all kinds of weird ideas out of the woodwork [excuse the pun].

Sheds come in a range of sizes and specifications, and in a variety of materials like metal for robust security, plastic for functional versatility and good old timber for a traditional feel. High quality timber outdoor buildings are pretty resistant to weather and damage once treated and fitted with superior locks. They are a little more customisable too giving a wide selection of design and colour options. There are some extremely fun and wacky themes out there where sheds are involved from cutesy cottage to space ship lookalikes. It is the one part of the home that you can really push the boat out and let your imagination run riot.

There is so much choice in the world of sheds, with reliable metal sheds like Takubo, Lotus, Canberra, Duramax, Asgard and Biohort. Plastic buildings such as Lifetime and the Duramax UPVC range. Excellent timber sheds and storage come from Tiger and Shire in beautiful designs. These wooden buildings are available as potting or storage sheds, garages, bike stores, workshops, playhouses, gazebos, summerhouses and log cabins.

Lots of shed owners are just happy and contented to spend time in their garden areas at any time of the day or night, in fact some even sleep overnight in their garden shed. Fresh air and the smell of flowers to lull you to sleep wrapped up in your gorgeous Kylie Minogue bedding. Like camping but with more comfort and luxury….or is that taking it too far?

High Quality Garden Sheds, Range of Sizes & Specifications, Reputable Manufacturers

A Mobile Friendly Website Redesign for Market Leading Shed Company

UPVC, Metal & Timber Garden Sheds, Garages, Workshops & Outdoor Storage Buildings


Our associate business SM Garden Sheds has a brand spanking, newly redesigned website to show off their vast range of high quality sheds and garden buildings. There is not much they don’t know about the ins and outs of metal, plastic and timber sheds and they are always delighted to share this knowledge with others. The new website will ensure that those looking to purchase their dream shed, will be able to do so in the fastest time and with the least hassle. The attractive website created for SM Garden Sheds by Autus Web Design & Marketing features the latest in SEO strategies including Responsive Design software. This means that anybody can easily find, view and navigate the website on whichever device they are using including smartphones and tablets. Customers can read about all of the different types of garden storage and which is the ideal choice for them, while at home, in the office or on the move.

After the last major overhaul by search engine giant Google, an efficiently functioning, mobile friendly website is now crucial to the growth and development of any business in today’s market. This is supported by numerous reports and statistics which confirm the importance of SEO and particularly Responsive Design. All predictions about the mobile friendly revolution have been surpassed, which is not surprising when you consider that people are 5 times more likely to immediately leave a site which is not mobile friendly. It is also interesting to note that nearly half of all website visitors will leave a mobile site if the pages do not load within 3 seconds. These are worrying statistics for companies who have not yet embraced the concept of mobile friendly website design.

SM Garden Sheds are a forward thinking company and the new website reflects this. Along with high performance products and services, they also offer second to none after sales support, and are always happy to advise customers or help with any queries about their new shed. Call SM Garden Sheds on 0845 601 6299

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Spectacular Display Results with Top Quality Bedding Plants

High Quality Bedding Plants, Pot Plants, Ornamentals & Christmas Hyacinths with Bespoke Labelling & Fast Delivery


crosby'sBedding plants are the most popular form of plant around due to their versatility and ease of management. They can bring an inspirational splash of colour to any environment, even shaded areas, and good quality bedding plants are hardy and tolerate variations of temperature surprisingly well.

Places such as public gardens create spectacular displays using a variety of bedding plants in stunning colours and tones. The designs and plants will usually be changed throughout the year to maintain a fresh and stimulating appearance. Favourites for the warmer months include begonia, salvia, verbena, alyssum, and larger plants like canas and dahlias give late summer colour. Colder weather calls for plants such as bergenia, viola, hellebores and cyclamen, as these have attractive foliage, so they will still look nice even when blooms have finished.

Designing with flowers is an art in itself and requires pretty extensive skills, as the visual considerations need to be teamed with knowledge of plant growing patterns. Displays constructed from plants can be formal with blocks of colour, straight lines, symmetrical shapes and tight borders. A more informal and fun effect can be achieved by experimenting with colour and texture, allowing the imagination to run wild. Bedding plants are ideal for brightening up sections, or filling out areas of bare soil such as underneath rose bushes.

crosby's 2Exquisite and breathtaking results are possible when bedding plants are used as carpet bedding. These intensive designs consist of tightly compacted plants giving the impression of a carpet, which can be fashioned into fantastic and elaborate shapes. They are sometimes incredibly complex, and can depict scenes, emblems, coats of arms and even spell out words, all in stunning technicolour! Experts in the field [scuse the pun] will sketch out designs on paper before executing their creations with low growing plants.

Of course one of the most important aspects of a successful and eye catching display is the quality of the plants used. It is advisable to source plants from highly reputable bedding plant specialists such as Crosby’s Nurseries based in Timperley, Cheshire. As digital promotion partners of ours, Crosby’s are exceptionally reliable and skilled wholesale producers and suppliers of top quality bedding plants, pot plants, ornamentals and hanging baskets. They are a long established family business, using the latest technology to assure robust seed production, and also use seeds from the worlds top breeders. They are registered with the Horticultural Development Council [HDC] and are dedicated to providing customers with a first rate, flexible service.
Call Crosby’s on 0161 980 5195.

Wholesale Bedding Plants for Retailers, Garden Centres, Landscapers & Local Authority Parks & Gardens

Stylish, Well Designed and Functional Traditional Oak Constructions

Oak Cart Lodges, Garages, Car Barns, Stables, Workshops & Summerhouses in Essex, Bedfordshire, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire


woodJust about everything these days that we buy or use is mass produced, often in countries on the opposite side of the world. While mass production has its advantages like precision, convenience and lower cost, many complain about falling standards, lack of choice and reduced quality. People hark back to a time when everything used in daily life was designed and hand made by somebody who had developed their skill or craft over a number of years.

There are still of course tradesmen who have perfected their trade, and work together when constructing a property like builders, plumbers, plasterers, electricians and joiners. Most of these trades have now adopted a more automated approach in an attempt to ensure uniformity. However the skilled hand of the timber craftsman can still be found, and was sought in the 1990’s during the rebuilding of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre in London. The construction was an exercise in perseverance as well as expertise and there were many challenges, beginning with the fact that nobody knew what the original theatre, built in 1599, looked like! The little circular theatre was completed successfully using oak by talented craftsmen, and is loved by all.

Our digital promotion partners Traditional Oak Constructions Ltd, expertly blend bespoke elements from the past with dynamic modern themes and designs. Their traditional oak buildings include timber cart lodges, car barns, summerhouses, gazebos, workshops and stables, and are professionally built to the highest standards. Precisely designed and engineered, these beautiful and functional oak constructions are extremely robust and long lasting, and can incorporate lighting, heating and plumbing. Traditional rural charm is the phrase which comes to mind with these timber buildings, which are produced using locally reclaimed, or responsibly sourced materials.

Elegance teamed with enhanced security systems, and solid doors give these wood constructions a highly practical edge, and a range of stunning stains and colours are available for an exceptionally attractive finish. Based in Chelmsford, Traditional Oak Constructions Ltd, offer their contemporary oak framed buildings to customers throughout Essex, Suffolk, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Give them a call to discuss your project on 01376 388757

Concept to Completion Bespoke Service including Design, Project Management & Planning, Chelmsford

Professional, Caring and Flexible Removals Service

Professional & Caring Removals Service, Offering Advice and Support for Vulnerable or Nervous Movers.

When a move is on the cards, there is so much to think about what with change of address notifications, organising schools, redirecting mail, utilities, insurance etc. Then of course there is the question of choosing a reputable removals company to transport your valuable possessions to your new home. The last choice is one of the most important and can mean the difference between a positive moving experience and a stress filled nightmare. You might even consider completing the move yourself, but if you have a significant amount of belongings, or things which can be easily damaged you would be well advised to seek the expert services of a reliable removals company.

If you are looking for a removals company who offer a uniquely personal service dedicated to customer satisfaction, you wont do better than our web promotion partners Move It Men, based in Bolton Lancashire. Move It Men pride themselves on providing a removals service with a difference, and owner Kelli Walker ensures a fully rounded removals service for all, especially the more vulnerable.

A comprehensive and highly professional removals solution is assured from Move It Men, whatever the specific requirements of the customer. Their staff are chosen for their customer focus and caring nature as well as exceptional removals expertise They are uniformed, smart, courteous and completely CRB checked. Full training is also given to guarantee a smooth, reliable and efficient removal.

As a qualified special needs support worker with enhanced CRB check status, Kelli offers advice, reassurance and a chaperone service, where the need arises. Nervous or anxious customers can be sure of a supportive experience when they use Move It Men. Kelli’s approach has meant ongoing contracts for establishments like women’s refuge Safe Haven. On these occasions their unliveried van is used for peace of mind. Kelli can also liaise with local councils where required, and has many times assisted an elderly client in an effort to discover whether they can receive help with the cost of their move. As this is all offered free of cost customer feedback is extremely positive.

They are specialists in removals for home, office and commercial premises, provide a full inventory service, wrap and strap, and are also fully insured. Delivering their service at your convenience for a flexible outcome is what they are all about including out of hours, late nights or weekends.

Call Move It Men on 01204 362965 you wont be disappointed.

Domestic & Commercial Removals, Man & Van, Full Inventory, with Wrap & Strap Service, Bolton

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