50 Shades of Rust – How to choose the best metal garden shed

A new article on the SM Garden Shed website offers useful advice to anyone who is considering buying a metal garden shed.

lotHigh quality metal garden sheds have many advantages over traditional wooden garden sheds. They are secure storage products and offer integrated security  features including drill resistant locks and multi-point locking systems. They are commonly used by schools, colleges and sports clubs for safely storing expensive equipment and metal storage units are often specified for use on holiday parks due to fire and safety considerations.

But not all metal garden sheds are made the same way – and not all metal sheds will stand up to the damp British climate.

Part of the problem is the quality of metal used in their manufacture. Cheaper brands will use metal so thin it can be cut with a knife. Another problem lies with the galvanisation process. Galvanisation protects metal from rust but for sheds, some methods work better than others.

The two most common forms of rustproofing are through hot dipped galvanisation and by electroplating. Hot dipped galvanisation involves dipping metal components in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 460C. It gives a thick, durable coat with a matt finish. Electroplating is the immersion of a metal component into an electrolyte solution containing metal salts and applying an electric current to build a thin layer of the protective zinc coating. Electroplated coatings tend to be brightly reflective.

The real difference, however, is in how the two methods cope with protecting the steel underneath. Hot-dipped galvanised steel will withstand the worst of the British weather for years and years. By contrast, the electroplated coat will soon erode, leading to the inevitable corrosion of the steel underneath.

SM Garden Sheds only sell metal garden sheds that are manufactured from high quality steel that has been hot dip galvanised for a guaranteed rust proof finish. All of the products available at SM Garden Sheds represent great value for money and excellent quality whether plastic, metal or timber.

For more information, see the article – 50 Shades of Rust – on the Product Focus pages of www.smgardensheds.com.

50 Shades of Rust – How to choose the best metal garden shed