Does your Garden need a Shed?

Superior Quality, Heavy Duty, UPVC Garden Storage Sheds at Competitive Prices


We all want a good amount of storage space, as there are things we wish to keep, while at the same time enjoying a neat and tidy home. These storage spaces can be either permanent or temporary, and when it comes to the garden there are a vast amount of sheds to choose from. Sheds are of course available in timber, which some people prefer due to the traditional feel of wood. There are downsides to this however, as they generally need more in the way of maintenance than materials like metal and plastic, and are often not as secure.

Another point to consider is whether you want a shed that you can take with you, should you decide to move house. This is much more possible if you have a metal or plastic shed, than if you go for the wooden version. They can be easily dismantled, transported and reassembled in the new garden, provided they fit. A good quality shed will last years, so this is a real viable prospect, making a more portable product the one to opt for.

The Lifetime range of plastic sheds are a good example of this, as they are constructed using precision made fixings, that perform reliably. They comprise of a steel frame, and are available in many sizes and shapes with a myriad of clever features. The 7ft x 9.5 ft model includes:-

  • A dual wall polyethylene floor
  • Dual wall slip resistant, steel reinforced, high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Enhanced roof strength, thanks to 4 heavy duty A-frame steel trusses
  • High pitched roof for quick rain or snow drainage
  • Weather resistant and UV protected
  • Customisable shelving and storage system
  • 1 impact resistant, full length skylight
  • 2 x polycarbonate windows
  • 2 x screened vents
  • 2 x 9″ (24.1 cm) radius corner shelves

All that in an attractive and affordable package, from SM Garden Sheds!


Steel Reinforced, Plastic Garden Storage Buildings, Weather Resistant with High Pitched Roofs