7 Reasons you need Garden Shed Racking

Heavy Duty Racking Units in a Range of Sizes & Specifications, Garden Shed Storage


smgs-rackingYou would be surprised how many people have a garden storage shed, yet keep most of their tools, paint cans and plant food boxes lying around on the floor! This not only looks untidy, and limits space, but presents a tripping and fire hazard or allows things to get damaged. Smaller objects probably also have to share the space with lawn mowers, bicycles and other things Maybe the original intention was to fit shelves, but as with a lot of good intentions, there just hasn’t been time [or motivation]. If you recognise this situation, SM Garden Sheds can help, with a fast and practical solution.

There are many advantages to using racking systems, such as :-

  1. Optimised garden shed storage meaning more space to move around, and perform tasks like repair and maintenance using a work bench.
  2. Get rid of floor mess.
  3. Less chance of items being trodden on and damaged or broken.
  4. The contents of your metal, plastic or timber shed are to hand immediately rather than having to search through endless bags when needed for an emergency DIY job.
  5. Clever use of space means more available storage.
  6. Smart storage means you can easily categorise your items.
  7. Save time and money.

SM Garden Sheds have a variety of racking options for every need, in a choice of sizes, such as their popular and versatile Globel Heavy Duty Half Cupboard Storage Unit. A durable, modern design is teamed with powder coated galvanised steel and ease of assembly for the perfect shed storage solution. This 5 tier racking system has a load capacity of 200kg per shelf. The steel cabinet may be positioned at the top or bottom and has a master key lock. The Heavy Duty Globel Industrial Racking Unit also has a load capacity of 200kg per shelf or 1000kg total, and this 4 tier, boltless shelving is corrosion resistant and simple to assemble using a key locking action.

These racking systems mean that your beloved shed will transform into a smart and organised storage building rather than a dumping space.

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