Key Elements to Garden Design

gardenHow important is your garden area? We are lucky to have a bit of outdoor greenery when space is at a premium in many places, so making the best of it is always a good idea. Of course you want your garden to look good, with attractive plants, flowers, a lawn, bushes and maybe a water feature. It's also nice to have a set of garden furniture so that you can sit out when the weather permits and enjoy the fruits of your labours or invite friends to partake in some al fresco refreshment. While it might not be possible to recreate the Gardens of Versailles with your modest piece of greenery, you can still have an eye catching retreat to be proud of.

Just about anything goes, and gardens can be as individual as their owners, so plan the layout, and think about the various elements you would like to include in your outdoor area. When it comes to access, a path placed along areas frequently used such as from the patio to the shed, bypassing the bird table, will save your lawn from damage. It will also keep indoor floors cleaner and soil free. Raised beds with curved walls will give a pleasing visual impact, and a structured feel.

Repeated Forms, Evergreens & Perfectly Trimmed Hedges

Classic gardens feature symmetry and balance, reminiscent of gardens in the ancient Greek or Roman times. This can be achieved by placing shapes and items opposite each other at certain points. A focal point can be positioned at the end of this arrangement such as a garden sculpture, fountain or bird bath. This principle can be applied to large or smaller gardens and is calming and easy on the eye. Repeated forms such as circles or pyramids throughout the area add a definite design element. Things like evergreens, perfectly trimmed hedges, walls, fences and patios will provide interest in the winter months, and when kept pristine can look extremely attractive.

Solar powered lights create beautiful effects when carefully placed to backlight sculptures, water features, shrubs or trees, and provide a dramatic edge when they follow a path or paved area.

Metal & Plastic Sheds & Garages, Low Maintenance, Secure Outdoor Storage

Outdoor buildings like sheds and garages need careful consideration, as they have to fulfil a number of demanding roles. Good quality modern sheds will bring an aesthetically pleasing and functional storage solution to your garden. The material of choice for sheds in the past was usually wood with its traditional feel, although in more recent times people more often opt for metal or plastic versions. This is due to their long lasting, low maintenance, high security, condensation free reputation. Plastic and metal sheds are these days also a very aesthetically appealing option which will enhance the garden rather than detracting from its look.

The best thing about a garden shed is that you can protect anything you wish without cluttering up the home, from lawnmowers, DIY items and bicycles to craft materials, books and exercise equipment. Some shed owners even use these outdoor buildings as somewhere to sit and read or engage in hobbies.

Aluminium Bi-Fold, Doors, Strong, Versatile & Secure Home Enhancements

One of the most effective ways to create a home/garden area that blends exceptional functionality with a chic modern look is by installing bi-fold patio doors. Aluminium bi-fold doors give a very impressive designer look with their sleek, unobtrusive frames, and wide expanse of glass allowing views of the garden and letting in extra light. When opened fully they enable unrestricted access to the garden, and if entertaining, will blur the divide between indoors and outdoors. In the event of a summer shower, visitors can shelter while still enjoying the smells and sights of the garden.

This type of door has become incredibly popular in recent years as people realise how energy efficient, versatile and secure they are. Another advantage is how much their presence raises the value of any home, as they are classed as luxury home improvements. Suitable for commercial as well as domestic applications, they are available in a wide range of colours and finishes in order to co-ordinate with your existing décor. Aluminium bi-fold doors from specialists like Industrial Door Company, will accentuate your garden or patio area no end, adding the finishing touches to your overall garden design.

Key Elements to Garden Design, Repeated Forms, Evergreens & Perfectly Trimmed Hedges. Metal & Plastic Sheds & Garages, Low Maintenance, Secure Outdoor Storage. Aluminium Bi-Fold, Doors, Strong, Versatile & Secure Home Enhancements

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